Modular system for business operation management

Businesses and their employees deserve an information system, which would:

• help them do their work, produce, provide services,

• make daily duties easier and smoother, 

• provide an opportunity not only to work and delegate managerial tasks, but also perform them from any remote location. 

e-Zonus digitalises business processes from first client inquiry to final product shipment: retrieves, connect and store e-mails, stores and generates documents, manages financial information, operational information, forms reports, sends reminders and allows business clients to self-service with their new orders or to retrieve information on previous purchases.

e-Zonus – modular, multilingual, centralized business management information system custom-tailored to fit business needs, helping to smoothly work with clients, service them and manage manufacturing.

e-Zonus may be deployed in the scope of  CRM (customer relationship management), ERP (enterprise resource planning), MES (manufacturing execution system) or B2B self-service solution  by rolling-out the required set of e-Zonus modules.

What e-Zonus is about?


Who works with e-Zonus?

  • sales department, sales representatives in foreign markets and remote sales teams,

  • management and administration,

  • supply, procurement and warehouse employees,

  • manufacturing divisions,

  • accounting employees,

  • quality management employees

  • business clients.



  • Accounting or finance management systems (Navision, Microsoft Business Central, B1, Rivile, Euroskaita, etc.),

  • Requisites validation platforms (European Union VAT database,,

  • E-shops and platforms (WooCommerce, Shopify, etc.)

  • E-signage systems (GoSign, DokoBit, etc.),

  • E-mail services (Gmail, Microsoft exchange),

  • Calendars (Google Calendar, Office365),

  • EDI, iVAZ VMI and other platforms.


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